Brush like a Dentist – Use an Electric Toothbrush

GGum disease is a part of most Americans’ lives- studies show that over 75% of adults in America suffer each day from some form of gingivitis. Improper oral care is one of the leading causes of these diseases. Any dentist will recommend that you take better care of your mouth,Brush like a Dentist - Use an Electric Toothbrush Articles┬ábut you may be surprised to find that your brushing habits could be making the situation worse.

Daily flossing and brushing are the most important types of oral maintenance that help prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Those with gum disease may be tempted to brush with more force to ensure clean gums, but studies show that improper brushing techniques can make gum damage worse. In many cases a dentist will recommend switching to an electric toothbrush as a simple and effective way to improve your oral hygiene.

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oral care because they encourage the proper technique for brushing your teeth and gums. The vibrations and rotations of the brush heads are designed to scrub your teeth effectively. Many brushes even include sensors that detect whether you are applying too much pressure to your gums, which can stop bad habits that damage them further.

Brushing with an electric toothbrush is simple. A button activates the appliance and the head begins to spin and vibrate. Cleaning is achieved by moving the toothbrush from tooth to tooth while the bristles do the hard work of scrubbing. The guided motions of the brush head are designed to clean your teeth just like your dentist does.

Since most of the cleaning motion is achieved by the toothbrush head, users of electric toothbrushes tend to focus on brushing each and every tooth. This practice leads to more thorough cleansing with less effort than a normal brush.

Aside from proper cleaning, electric toothbrushes often encourage better brushing habits in other ways. Many people who brush their teeth regularly do not brush for a long enough amount of time, which can also cause problems. Many models of electric toothbrushes offer timers that buzz when you have brushed for the proper amount of time. Models for children are also available and can help turn a boring activity into a fun and healthy game.

The initial price of an electric toothbrush can seem daunting at first, but the cost to keep the device in good condition is very low. An electric toothbrush uses replaceable heads that are available in most stores. The heads become worn after about 3 months of use and are reasonably priced, especially if bought in bulk. Compare these prices to the cost of gum surgery and you will find that going electric is very reasonably priced indeed!

While there is still nothing wrong with a regular toothbrush, an electric model helps you learn to brush your teeth the way your dentist would brush his own. Consider breaking those bad habits and switching to a brighter way to polish your pearly whites.