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For getting the India news today, there are many people who are giving the preference to a transistor, local newspapers and the television. The blogs and the India latest news websites are considered to be not much reliable. This is compared to the newspaper or the television. Among all the newspapers that are published in India, the Hindustan times and the Times of India have maximum readership. There is always a fierce competition between these dailies. This is mainly in terms of the circulation. There are eight editions found in the times of India. They have been spread all over the country. There are many Hindi newspapers as well. these include the Sahara times, Amar Ujala and the Dainik Jagran. For news on the economy, a person can subscribe to business line and economic times. A lot of preference is given to these newspapers. There are various influential magazines as well apart from these newspapers. They are considered to be the favorites for getting national news. For naming a few, we can say the Outlook, Business world and the India today. A deep impression has been left by them on the minds of readers who are Indians. Precise reporting is done on the national news. All the sound opinions are given. One can also read an ezine article onĀ latest India news for getting updated. For all kinds of national news, the channels on television have become very popular. They are very common among all the masses. There are many channels such as CNN-IBN, Aajtak, Times Now, Star TV and India TV. The working is for 24*7. A wide coverage is commanded by the India news today. TV shows, interviews and discussions of all the famous personalities are conducted in all the walks of life. Moreover there are shows on law, entertainment and order problems in India. The minds of the viewers are captured due to this. In fact, these TV programs will provide all the current news. It will also help in the development of a good understanding of the civilization and culture of India. Thus, the shows become very credible due to this. One must give all the credit of India latest news to the reporters. The IT revolution has characterized the present age. One cannot stay without the internet or the computer. There is boom and penetration in the internet. one can also read an ezine article on latest India news.